What qualities / attributes / skills make you think, “Wow, this person is impressive!”?

Greta Thunberg. Because what started out as some kid with the hump going to the local embassy to show her disgust at politicians with just a sign. Later caused millions of kids to bunk off school following year from all around the world in climate protests.

It must have been a tremendous shock for her to be placed in the media spotlight. But she stepped up to speak from the heart on countless occasions since.YouTube

For me she speaks not only in a demanding way but often in a short sweet threatening manner to world leaders by stating things like: ‘we are not going away’ or ‘we are watching you’. Anyone that creates action is somehow creating energy and emotion for fellow humans to enjoy. She also creates awareness which in this case is about the threat to the human race somewhere in the future if tipping points occur and economic forces continue to burn fossil fuels to support industry.

There is a saying; Talk is cheap money buys houses. It means that you can say whatever but can you back it up? Normally with some risk of placement of personal value. In her case and others like her who stand up and fight for rights they have to risk all sorts of personal intrusions into their lives. They have to check facts, create facts, they have to face the demands of questions and practice countless times how they will deliver a speech that is interesting and means something emotionally. They have to endure. And they have to take whatever comes at them.

The only difference between most of these types of people and Greta; is that her rise is a rare phenomenal one where from the most humblest of positions -

she has created a worldwide charge especially from fellow youths that are challenging the established order.

These people have the ability to stand on their own two feet and defend other people with burning hope and desire. In this example it is the defence of the human race and life forms that were created for us to live with. Be these people know it or not: they stand for God. Because these type of people do what is right.

We all need to encounter and experience other people in situations where we can see the doing of what is right be it the eradication of racism or any other kind of injustice that these type of people challenge.

Greta Thunberg is not alone but she sure as hell is the one to watch.